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September 26, 2007



Wow what a trip and what a story we are home now from camping at the Dewdrop and I am trying to catch up with reading your blog. I sure envy you all your experiences and you have helped us make up our mind to travel the country in our 5th wheel starting when Mel retires next year. Hope to run into you again maybe on the road. Maybe we will find another Raccoon.

Kent McKamy

Great to hear from you! As you know, my adventures really started with our conversation in the Allegheny National Forest. Keep me posted on when Mel retires, and when you'll start your journey. Mine's continuing...


And so, Russ & I have returned from our two weeks out West, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Alas, we stayed on the Interstate system for much of our travels except when we drove US 191 from Jackson, WY to Rock Springs, WY. Interesting change of scenery from lovely wooded hills and mountains with golden aspens to sagebrush desert. Looks like I haven't missed much of your travel stories while I was gone, so it was easy to catch up again!

kent McKamy

No, Shanna, you didn't miss much. I've been slack...too slack...about creating new posts. I'm back in rhythm now, so keep reading.
I'm glad your trip was such a success, but next time, you must try the 'off' roads. That's when this country is truly visible.

Jake in SC

I'm enjoying the blog, Kent. I once met a guy from the old Mutual Broadcasting Network who only drove the backroads, usually old US 40. Other than his nightly radio program from DC, he was known for his skill in whistling all the great movie scores from the '40s and '50s. It kept him company on the road and was a show-stopper at parties. Cheers and beers. jd

Cowtown Pattie

Glad we got to be a part of your adventures!

Kay Dennison

I echo Pattie's sentiment!! It's been a fun and interesting ride -- to put it mildly!! Thank you for letting me tag along!


Just catching up my blog reading after a busy few weeks! Glad to see you're still into the backroads.

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