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August 26, 2007



I'm finally catching back up with you. The lake photos are lovely. Hope you print and have some framed for your home as a memento of the trip. There's a papermill at Wycliffe, Kentucky, just an hour north of here and on a day with a north wind, we can smell it at our house. How stinky!

Kay Dennison

I'm playing catchup yet again! Sigh

Like you, I mourn the loss of forests. This is a beautiful country and it is our legacy to preserve it. Your photos, as always, are magnificent!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I came by from the link Kay Dennison has on her blog. I keep asking Kay where you find groaners, but yours was the best! I hope you made it up yourself.

My eldest son and family live on Lake Dawn right outside the Hurricane Ridge gate to Olympic National Park. Their address is Port Angeles. I was there in August, but though the capital where my sis lives was sunny, it was rainy and very cold the whole time I was in Port Angeles.

Lake Crescent is so beautiful! My son and his wife were married there three years ago by the elder of the Skllalam tribe. There are photos on my blog.

Your travels sound fantabulous. Travels With Charley, or Kent in this case. Do you have a pet with you by any chance?

My friends Kathy and Allen are traveling across the country in their van (they call it GoVan--after Van Gogh. Hmm. That's a groaner I guess. They've been gone three months now and come back at Thanksgiving.

I'll spend more time at your blog later.

Oh, that post of the conversation with the girl in Port Townsend was priceless.

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Not far down the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula from sparkling Crescent Lake (see previous post) is Ruby Beach and long stretches of distressing deforestration. First the beauty, then the beastly. This last picture was taken as I was...

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