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July 22, 2007


Tom Palmer

This was a nice article and tribute to Libby. I grew up in Libby and now live in Austin, Texas. I visited Libby 2 years ago and also had breakfast at the Libby Cafe. I opted for the huckleberry flapjacks. The Libby Cafe wasn't nearly that good when I was growing up there but I sure enjoyed it this time around.

If you ever get back that way, try the MK Steakhouse between Libby and Kalispell. Really awesome steaks if they still have the same owners.


Dear Tom Palmer,
I am flattered no end that you read this piece on my blog. I wrote that about four years ago, when I was in the midst of a 17000 mile drive around and into
The United States, using only county and secondary roads...no highways or superhighways.
Libby was a favorite stop. About twice a year, I order Huckleberry syrup from the proprietress of the Libby Cafe
Whose email handle is, fittingly, MontanaMuffins.I was lucky enough to visit 40 of our 50 states on my three and a half
Month solo journey, sleeping in my tent, my car and occasionally a really cheap motel or truck stop.
What a coincidence it was to find that, two months after Id arrived home that Libby and the asbestos problem
Erupted as an hour-long report on PBS and was a major story in the NYTimes.
Im a writer, live in New York City, and I hope youll keep in touch as the spirit moves you.

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