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August 06, 2007


Kay Dennison

What gorgeous photos -- as always!!!!!

And I'm like you -- driving in mountains scares the heck outta me! The last time I did that was when my son was a senior and we had to go on a recruiting visit down in West-by-God Virginia. Trust me when I tell you we took a different, flatter route home.


On my trip, I'll be looking for the roads close to the bottom of the mountains! Your photos are breathtaking - I know my hubby is gearing up all his camera equipment to take hundreds of photos of our "Westward Ho!" vacation so we'll probably end up with some really nice shots, too.

Guess we won't be calling you Mountain Man. Breathing a sigh of relief now?

Judy Kroh

Oh, how beautiful!! And your journal entry was....um....fun to read!! You do have a way with words!! I can picture each person you described in Shari's!!! I went to a graveside service Friday at the ND Veteran's Cemetary and met your friend Pam...you are right..she is a doll. I thought she looked familiar when I first saw her and as we visited, I realized where I'd seen her photo...on your blog! Happy travels!


So glad you battled your fears long enough to get those great photos - ha! They really are fabulous, make me wish I could be there too, so much.

Take care and thanks for letting us all travel vicariously!



We were through some of those places earlier in the summer. Scared me too! But your photos are awesome. Haven't been to the Cascades yet but your pictures make me want to plan a trip real soon. Look forward to seeing where you take us next.

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